Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tidbit from Conference

I went to a talk during the conference where the speaker mentioned a canoeing trip he took with his wife. The only thing he remembered from the quick safety and canoe lesson was that if you fall out of the boat, don’t attempt to stand up. If you try to stand up in a river, the force of the water will knock you down. The worse case would be that your foot would get caught between rocks and you could drown. I forgot where the speaker went with his story, but “don’t stand up” can apply to a lot of different things. I wrote this in adoration at the conference.:

It’s amazing how you touch people Lord. In simply wanting you, we get you. Can you ever give us more love now than before, when all your love was already upon us? Does this mean you were holding back, or that you just created more love? I think neither. I believe that this “new and greater” love you give me was already there, but now I see it, I feel it, I know it. You put it there, from all along. My eyes and heart are open and you rush in. Lord, how you fill every space entirely! There is no greater love than your love because it never ceases. It never fails.

I am no match against the roaring river of you and all that you have for me. I will go with the river, and hope to never try and stand up. I want to experience the rapids and taste the chill of the water. I want to see the mountains and the trees that are beyond the river’s bend. It’s someplace that I can’t see, but I know that it will be beyond anything that I can imagine.

And you made it all. You put me on that river and you told the waters to flow. You gave it all to me and I just have to look around and not stand up. God, how marvelous you are! How infinite your love is! How I only seek to float down the river with you! How I see now that I always have been. My Lord and my God, thank you!

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