Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Ideal

I am an idealist. Most of my life has been spent imagining a perfect world, trying to make a perfect world, and dealing with realizations that this isn’t a perfect world. I love to daydream and read about how things ought to be. Whenever I have to face the true world (or what seems to be), it almost instantly becomes too much for me to bear. But there is hope, so much hope that you must have it.

Do you know how amazing our God is? Do you know what we have in the Catholic Church? We have a way to the ideal. Each of the sacraments offers a way out of the confused world of sin and into a clear, bright world. A sacrament is a teleporter to the ideal, and it transforms us to the ideal too. And the ideal is how it was always meant to be. Today after confession, I felt as if I was the ideal. I had no sin. And although I would soon walk out into a world that still has countless problems, I was that much closer to the ideal, to God.

God is a genius beyond all understanding. We screw up, He says, “Try again, only first, I’ll eradicate all traces of your mistakes. You are now completely pure in my eyes.” If we are pure in God’s eyes, then we ARE pure. We are weak, He says, “Come and eat, and you will live forever”. We enter into God and God into us. The Eucharist is the single greatest gift to man. Could we ever know all that It does for us?

At birth, sin already has us in it’s grips. God says, “Be reborn, and not only will I take away your sin, but fill you with My Spirit”. When we are close to death, God says “I will heal your soul and give you courage”.

If there is anything in existence better than God and what He has given to us, I want to know. I haven’t found something close to the ideal, I have found THE ideal. And God offers it to us endlessly.

I won’t apologize for being an idealist, because it sure seems to me that God is one. He even destroyed death for us.

By the way, how amazing is this song?

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