Monday, January 4, 2010

Days of Gratitude #1-4

I’m back from Florida and I don’t think I can describe all that the conference was (even though I’ll attempt to later). The past few days I’ve been swept away by the love of God. I now feel prepared to confront my challenges and stop falling into the same traps that I did last year. I normally don't make resolutions, but because the year ended just as I'm beginning again, I have made a few. As discovered in confession, I need to be more grateful for everything in my life, so one of my resolutions is to find something I'm grateful for everyday. This won't be difficult and I hope it will remind me of all God has blessed me with.

Day 1:
Today I thank You God for creating me. Thank You for thinking of me and willing me to exist.

Day 2:
Today I thank You God for music. I thank You for giving me something that so easily and quickly delivers me to worship You and that speaks to my heart. At the conference I heard a beautiful song for the first time (this version doesn’t sing the words but does have the lyrics in the info box).

Day 3:
Today I thank You God for the unseen, especially angels. How blessed we are to be in the company of angels every Mass as we all bow down together in adoration and wonder of You!

Day 4:
Today I thank You God for hot chocolate. It warms my insides and much as my outsides.


  1. O God Beyond All Praising was amazing! I had heard it before but forgot about it. It's so beautiful.

  2. You made it back!! Good to see snow (or cold) didn't stop ya'll.
    I really enjoyed all the music for the Masses. I could tell they put a lot of thought into it. they even played "Be Thou My Vision". I LOVE that song!!