Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why I love being Catholic (Part 2)

In the Catholic Church, there is always something more, something deeper to find. There is so much history, so many contributing people with life stories, writings, and ways of living for Christ. There are books on every topic that fill libraries, thousands of ancient and extraordinary churches that are scattered all over the world. Everywhere on earth, you will find Catholics.

And while all these things enrich our faith and represent meaning, both spiritual and physical, everything leads back to the Trinity. It all leads back to God. A Catholic doesn’t need to worship inside St. Peter’s Basilica, or read the Catechism, or even own a rosary, to be led to God. But at the same time, the Church offers many paths that lead to Him, so we may never lose our way. All these things have the same purpose: to show the glory of God. All the senses are represented. The mind can find answers and infinite mysteries. The eyes have magnificent churches, scared paintings and statues, icons and numerous symbols to praise God and also attempt to convey His greatness. The tongue has Jesus Christ Himself as he gives Himself in what seems to be bread and wine. Yes indeed, we know even the taste of Jesus! The ears have the Word, Scared Scripture, and entrancing music of heavenly levels. We also have a holy language, Latin, that allows us to approach God in a way different than how we approach everything else in our life. The nose has holy incense that delivers our minds out of the church and into heaven itself, and when the scent of roses fills the air, there is the Holy Spirit. Our hands have each other, the water, the ashes, the cloth, the beads, all connecting our physical selves to the spiritual.

We have doctrines, rules of faith, and an undeniable tradition. With every new chapter of life, the Church offers new ways to pray, new ways to dedicate oneself to God, and forms of spiritually to connect back to God. Beyond the sacraments, we have Mary, the great Mother of God, who will never let us wander far from her Son. She is the ultimate one who will reveal Jesus, who then will reveal the Father.

I know this is the one true church because it speaks to all of us. God wants us all, and will give us the tools to be able to reach us all. In the Catholic Church, you can find what you seek, discover what you like, and do what brings you peace and joy. And that may be a daily rosary, the Latin Mass, Eucharistic adoration, fasting, missions, novenas, Stations of the Cross, infusing your culture’s customs into the Church, or so many other things. God gave us all these things, in addition to the rest of creation, so we may rediscover Him over and over again, and never tire of Him. The church God gave us will never leave a believer to figure it out for themselves. Instead, it will show them all the resources they need, and thus allowing God to work through them, as He also gave them to us. We humans love to see how it all comes together, and in the Catholic Church, just as God Himself, it does, and isn’t that beautiful?

Peace and Love!

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