Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creative God

A lot of things happen in my day that show me God cares, but it’s always nice to hear others have similar experiences. Tonight my roommate’s boyfriend came over and showed me the calendar he bought today. It’s the official calendar of Auburn University for 2010. It’s a really nice calendar with pictures of the stadium and classic Auburn sights. When we reached December, the picture was of a man standing in the stadium watching a game. There was a beautiful sunset in front of him and although you couldn’t see most of his face, you could tell he was smiling. That picture was of him. He told me how he didn’t even know he was in the calendar, and he was just flipping through it when he noticed the man’s jersey. He has been going through a lot of things, and is about to make many big decisions in his life. He told me how he has been praying to God to show him the way, and he thinks the picture represents his future. Looking forward, smiling, enjoying the sunset God painted. It completely made his day. It was his answered prayer. Isn’t God amazing?

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  1. YES!!! God is amazing! How cool. That is awesome.