Monday, July 26, 2010

Yay for veils!

I believe that the Truth will ultimately win, and so therefore, I see no need to shove it in people’s faces. I can give a simple explanation, when asked, and leave it at that, knowing the Holy Spirit will do the rest. As long as the person is reasonable and open, they will find Truth.

I’ve been wearing a veil in church for a little over a year now. I no longer worry about what people think, or if I’m wearing it right, or all the other distractions one can get caught up in when starting something like wearing a veil. It feels like second nature to put it on, and I honestly would feel weird if I didn’t have it. The past few months or so, a lot (a relative term) of people have asked me about it. And while I still don’t have a set speech, it normally ends up being short and sweet (although I can go into many reasons behind why I wear it, the history of it, what it has done for me, etc…). Just this past week, a girl stopped me. “Excuse me. Why do you wear that?” She asked genuinely but it had a hint of utter confusion. I said, “because Jesus is in there (as I pointed to the sanctuary), so I wear it out of reverence for Him. I also wear it for modesty, but mainly because of reverence.” She simply responded, “cool”. So I smiled and since I couldn’t really think of anything else (that wouldn’t have taken at least 5 minutes to explain) I walked away and went inside. I really am thankful when someone asks me about my veil.

Today at Mass I saw that girl. She was wearing what looked like a hood from a coat on her head, only with the coat still attached and hanging behind her. I’m not sure if it had anything to do with her trying to cover her hair or our short conversation, but it touched me. Here is a girl, I thought, who also follows her convictions, and even though she doesn’t have a “proper” veil, she still tries. It gave me a little more hope in people.

I love seeing women in Mass with a head covering. Some are a bit “slyer” about it than those like myself, who are obviously trying to cover their heads. Today alone, I saw a woman with a hat, a wide headband (which isn’t recognized as a head covering really, but still does a great job doing so. I also know that this is what it is meant for, as she only wears them at Mass), three others (including a middle-aged woman) with traditional veils, and the girl with the make-shift veil. And these are only those I happened to notice (as I don’t look around much). I am so happy to see that other women are recognizing this great practice and are willing to cover their heads in public! May God bless them and all women!

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  1. The veil at St. Michael's is a very beautiful phenomenon I have not seen at other parishes, and I honestly think your witness has a lot to do with it, Ruth. When I first came to St. Michael's, there was only one woman I knew of who wore a veil, and I sometimes heard people make fun of her for it. She was middle-aged.

    Now, there are a lot of women wearing the veil, and most of them young! I saw the young woman today who was wearing the hood. Perhaps you could buy her a veil sometime? :)