Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Heavenly Night

I've always loved the night. I can theorize about many reasons why, but a big one would be that it seems to present a whole new world to discover. I like that there are less people around at night. I feel more like myself. I can dance around and perhaps no one will even see me. Perfect. At night, I can see the stars. They were hidden in the sky all day; blocked by clouds and sunlight. But at night, the stars get their chance to shine. I feel small and great and loved at night. And it seems endless. I have no where to go, nothing to do, but be. Yes, I love the night.

Sometimes I wonder what it will be like in heaven. Will there be a "night" there? Will I ever get to see the stars again once I leave this earth? I am fascinated by the contrast of light and darkness(so much so that it's the major theme of this blog). Surely darkness is a "bad" thing. In darkness we wander around confused, not knowing where to go. In darkness, things seem different than they are. And although the world appears different at night, really, most is now just hidden.

But I think the darkness that the bible describes isn't the same darkness that I love at night. Night darkness isn't complete darkness (I can see the stars of course). At night, it is quieter, but not completely silent. And although I may not be able to see as much of the world as I can when the sun is out, I focus more on what I can see. I rely on, even just for a minute, my senses in a way I don't need to during the day. In the darkness at night, I feel more alive.

The biblical darkness isn't like this. It is complete darkness that is also void of other things (like truth, hope and love). One cannot hear the voice of God in this darkness because there is nothing good there. It cripples the senses instead, because there is nothing to experience. This darkness is horrible, because God is not there.

During the night, the night that God created, hope is inherit. When the sun is missing, I know it will soon rise again, and the world will be as I remember. And while I love the night, I must sleep in order to enjoy the day also. Maybe there will be a "night" in heaven, only one that is even better than tonight.


  1. I love this: "But at night, the stars get their chance to shine. I feel small and great and loved at night."

    That is so beautiful! Feeling small and great and loved all at once would be a wonderful feeling! I am working towards that.

    Best of luck to you on your trip to Africa!

  2. Thank you Anne! I know you will find it!