Thursday, July 22, 2010

Secret love affair

Being in a student church group is odd. It’s odd because we are all in love with the same thing (if I can even call it that), yet that love affair is so personal and beautiful, we rarely even venture into the depth of it with those very people we know share the same love.

I wonder if anyone ever thinks about how in love that quiet guy is with Jesus. Or what that one girl prays about when she goes back to her dorm. Maybe when I hear someone say a profound statement, or look really deep in prayer, I think to myself they are full of love. But really, I know that everyone is in love. Maybe even more in love than I am.

Perhaps we aren’t meant to share too much of our romance with others, no matter how close of friends they are. Some things remain highly precious and important simply because it only belongs to us. I should never hide my love, but some gifts I receive were meant for me only. They are extremely personal whisperings of Jesus straight to my heart. And I will keep them there.

So, I bet that others also have this semi-hidden love affair going on, and it only pokes out every once in a while to witness to it, or to invite others to it. How beautiful to know others are just in love as I am!


  1. Very interesting observation! It is strange, isn't it? I wonder if we're afraid of displaying too much spiritual "PDA?"

    In any case, I think our secret love affairs with God should flow over into our actions, even if it doesn't always show itself overtly in words.

  2. I actually read something about this type of thing in the book I'm reading now a few days ago. It was talking about how sometimes there are things we aren't meant to tell everyone about but we're meant to keep in our hearts and think over for ourselves. I agree it's one of those things that should show in our actions though. After all, actions speak louder than words. Great post!

  3. Indeed, one never knows what is in the heads of others. And for many reasons in today's society, many people find it difficult to share such things as you describe. Still, you are right. There is something reassuring to know that one is not alone.