Thursday, November 26, 2009

In no particular order,

I am truly thankful for:

  • God showing himself in my life
  • The Eucharist (which means "thanksgiving")
  • Seeing babies and them smiling at me
  • Rain boots and umbrellas
  • Still attending Auburn
  • My dad’s knee surgery going very well
  • Being able to get my brother excited about reading a book
  • My dog still loving me
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • The stars
  • Having a sweet last name
  • Being able to talk to my mom whenever she’s not sleeping
  • Reconnecting with dear friends
  • Jokes, the inside and outside ones
  • Milkshakes
  • All the love I’ve experienced these past few years
  • My spiritual director, craft guru, and the one who keeps us all sane (well, most of the time) Aka, my roommates.
  • My family growing in faith
  • All my friends finding loves and marrying this past year
  • All my friends who chose life, and those cute little babies
  • Friends.
  • Having incredible opportunities to see the world, including my backyard
  • The Helen Keller kitty
  • Glances of understanding from strangers
  • Late night heart to hearts
  • Meat men, refrigerator repairmen, and cleaners
  • New surroundings and experiences
  • Cookies and candles
  • Chipmunks and groundhogs
  • The chance to show others love
  • Life, in all it’s messiness, pain, heartaches, joy, surprises, and beauty.
  • You. The one reading this right now. Thank you.

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