Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Getting into heaven

It seems a lot of people are preoccupied with getting into heaven. I guess it’s important. It would be nice to be eternally happy and with God forever. However, I question this desire. Some people are so preoccupied with it that they forget about God. If one is only interested in what they should do (accept Jesus or go to Mass or give to charity) and/or believe (he is my savior, abortion is wrong, etc…) so that they can get into heaven, then they are really missing the point. It’s a very selfish way of being “right with God”.

I think every Christian group can/has easily fallen into this trap. With the protestants, it’s a mindset that to get saved just say this quick pray really hard and believe it “in your heart” then you are good for life! You are getting into heaven, no need to worry anymore! Where does that leave God? Has your life really been changed?

Catholics aren’t much better sometimes. We don’t think it’s a one time prayer that gets you out of jail forever, instead we have all these rules, such as going to Mass every Sunday, and going to confession and communion at least once a year. You should believe all doctrines of the Church and serve your community. It seems that if you follow these things, this too, guarantees heaven. Still, it would be quite easy to follow all these and still only do them because you just want to go to heaven.

Maybe people forget why they do and believe these things. It’s all because you love God (or at least it’s supposed to be). Loving God is forgetting about yourself, only relying on him, and certainly not doing things so you can wiggle your way into heaven (I think God would know what you are trying to do anyway). The Church lays out these requirements so you can better love him. You serve him because you love him (and he asks you to). And certainly if you love God, your entire (every single aspect of it) life will be transformed and (most likely) you won’t be selfish.

Yes, one should hope for heaven. It sounds awesome!! But really, that should hardly be what we focus on. We should know that if we truly love God, then of course we are going to heaven, and therefore wouldn’t be at all concerned about the particulars of how to get there.

Definitely something to strive for.

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