Saturday, May 30, 2009

On the road again

I’m driving home (Fayetteville, NC) today. I’m looking forward to it, because it’s such a nice day, and an even nicer day to have a lot of time to think. But hopefully some of it will be about field training. I have a little less than 3 weeks until I go, and some days I feel prepared, others, not so much. Hopefully when I’m actually there, I will feel ready. I still have to read my Field Training Manual (FTM) about 50 times, memorize it, read my Airman’s Manual, iron and fold my clothes, pack everything, then repack it, make sure I have all my gear and whatnot, work on my "command voice", practice ALL the procedures, finish my prayer booklet, do push-ups, sit-ups, flutter-kicks, lunges, jumping-jacks, body-builders, and run then run some more, and get some vaccines. Oh, that last one. I really don’t like shots/needles, but I figured I should get it done before I get there because that would be SO much worse!! Even though I’m obliviously not ready to go tomorrow, I feel like it may not be that bad. Ok, I told myself to stop trying to figure out how it’s gonna be and just prepare for anything. Ahhh, ok, so I’m about to go running.

Today, when I get home, I’ll also get to see the destruction my brother has caused in the house. My theory is that because he has no baseball or job to occupy his time, he has decided to remodel the house. His first victim: our bathroom. From what I’ve heard he has taken down all the tile (thus making the shower unusable) and has started on the wallpaper. The toilet has been disconnected from the water supply, so only the sink is operational. I’ve also been told everything has been moved to my bedroom. I think I’m going to call a friend and see if I can stay with her. I’m happy he is fixing it up though, that bathroom really needs help. I think next he wants to get new flooring for the entire downstairs and re-do the kitchen. Hopefully I’ll get to see it finished before school starts. Now on to running!

Happy summer!


  1. Haha. As if you need your body to look any sicker than it already does?!?! You are going to be too hot for me to handle with all that working out!

  2. hahaha! thanks ceecee, i think