Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scottish Heritage

How cool are bagpipes? It might be the neatest instrument. How did anyone come up with an instrument that looks like this?? I think it looks like a ship, with the sails down. But what is even cooler, is the sound it produces. No other instrument sounds like it, and the notes blend together very nicely to make loud, flowing and unique music. It reminds me of a river, calm in places, but then it narrows in places, and expands, and will run over rocks or down a cliff. It just sounds amazing!

I got to listen to the John Mohr Mackintosh Pipes & Drums at the graduation for Lagrange College this morning. They are from Atlanta. I really enjoyed seeing them in the traditional Scottish dress (have you seen the socks??) and they also marched around in formation. It made me proud to be Scottish!

It looks difficult to play the bagpipes. But I still think it would be cool to learn. I would have to learn a circular breathing technique, so the bag is always full of air (this is also used in playing a didgeridoo). I’ll be on the lookout for lessons, even though I’ve never seen them offered. What a shame! Either way, I’ve decided that I will have bagpipes play “Amazing Grace” at my funeral.

Peace and love!

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  1. "Amazing Grace" on the bagpipes is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. I hope you do find lessons for them!