Monday, October 25, 2010

Itinerary for the Mission trip to Uganda:

Whoa things are moving quickly (as usual)! In less than 4 weeks, I'm be on a plane heading to Africa! The last few months have been a whirlwind but I'm on track for being ready (some how!!). I wanted to post my itinerary so that you'll know what I'll be doing each day (I don't think I'll get internet access, but plan to journal each day to post it here). To find out even more about my mission trip and my fundraising efforts, click here.

Thursday, November 18th
Depart Atlanta airport at 5:25pm. Layover in Amsterdam.
I’ll be leaving Thursday afternoon from Auburn, and meeting the rest of my team at the airport.

Friday, November 19th
Arrive in Entebbe, Uganda at 8:40pm.
We will arrive in Entebbe, which is about 20 miles from Kampala

Saturday, November 20th
Medical Clinics in Kampala (one in the morning and one in the afternoon)

During a Medical Clinic, our team will have many things going on. We will have a doctors (including a few Ugandan doctors) to see the very sick, medicines, vitamins and de-wormers, and an optical station (where I will be at mostly). We will also have public health classes for the mothers (to teach them basic healthcare) and games (such as carnival-type games and face painting) for the children.

Sunday, November 21st
Mass in morning, Clinic in afternoon

Monday, November 22nd
Travel to Masaka, stop on way for a Clinic

Tuesday, November 23rd
Morning and afternoon Clinic at the Youth Center

The Youth Center is home base for Father Michael. He is the youth pastor for the Masaka Diocese and oversees about 24,000 children and young adults and uses these facilities for retreats, soccer tournaments and shelter. There are many improvements that can be made here, which we will be surveying while there. We will also purchase a vehicle for Father Michael while there.

Wednesday, November 24th
English lessons, meet with local farm owners, networking

This day will be spent going out to the people and helping them in many ways. There are pineapple plantations (and the workers do not have adequate skin protection from the pineapple thorns) and swine farms. There is also potential for car wash businesses (everyone with a car in Uganda washes it everyday).

Thursday, November 25th
Travel back to Kampala. Meet with street children.

Some street children in Kampala have learned to make traditional Ugandan art to sell in the markets. They use whatever tools they can find to carve and sand down a block of wood. We will be bringing supplies for them.

Friday, November 26th
Explore Kampala, Depart Entebbe in the afternoon. Layover in Amsterdam.

Saturday, November 27th
Arrive in Atlanta at 6:20pm.

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