Monday, October 11, 2010

Life tonight

The moon was cool tonight. It was a blood-red perfect horizontal crescent. I’ve never seen it like that.

Does this happen to anyone else?: The sin you keep going back to confession for is the one that opportunities keep popping up to overcome them? I’ve also noticed that usually not two days go by after the confession that I encounter a situation that has “You know what to do” written all over it. That happened tonight, and so far so good! God doesn’t give up on people. Now I just have to persevere next time as well.

I am really thankful for where God has placed me. I see almost everyday why I am where I am (and maybe most likely a lot more I’ll never know). I pray that I am able to live up to His expectations of me.

I am now officially doing "optical" on the mission trip! I'll get trained to figure out eye prescriptions so I can give out glasses! I am so excited!! I will update on everything soon!

Well I’m off to bed. I have a physical fitness test in the morning.

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