Sunday, October 3, 2010

Things to remind me to be happy:

Reminiscing about childhood. And concluding again that boys are maniacs.

Seeing (really) pregnant women.

Hearing in a homily how the power of the Eucharist gives hope to hopeless situations, and converts the most hardest of hearts. May the Lord bless you abundantly Father Jim!

The Mass. Today, after communion, when we were all kneeling and the song was finished, I looked up at the crucifix. Jesus hung there in silence and everyone had their head bowed, deep in prayer. It seemed like Good Friday, only we were all at Calvary, there at his feet, waiting for him to die. I could see the whole Church, all previous Masses all over the world, also kneeling before Jesus on the cross. Indeed, maybe Jesus wasn’t so alone on that day He died for us.

Sleeping in then taking a nap.

Interesting beer. And having friends who bring me the weirdest beer they have ever found.

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