Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In June, I decided I would start wearing a veil. This decision came after a lot of thought and random exposures to it. Wearing it to Mass for the first time was a bit nerve-wrecking. I kept thinking, “do I look really weird right now? I wonder if people are saying to themselves, ‘who does she think she is, I just saw her yesterday without that on. Why is she wearing one now?’”. The first few times I wore it, I was very aware of my veil for almost the entire Mass.

But I stayed with it, and it has become a lot more normal for me. So much so that one day, when I didn’t have it (although I carry it around with me everywhere now) it was distracting to me to not have it on.

I’m still a bit cautious of it though, because I do worry what people are thinking when they see me with it on (I think of my sister’s reaction when she saw that I carried it around in my purse). Maybe family is always a bit harsher.

I have a few reasons so far for why I will continue to wear a veil. The first being that St. Paul tells women to cover their hair (1Cor 11:5). I won’t go much into that because you can see for yourself what it says. Secondly is Mary. It is true that all women want to be like Mary. She is the definition of a woman and she is God’s favored one. A depiction of Mary would be incomplete if it didn’t include a veil. She wore it out of obedience and love for God (and also because it was a custom to do so). Likewise, wearing a veil is a constant reminder that I should be obedient to God. And not only am I obedient but am submissive. This word scares a lot of people, but I think it is a beautiful word. It reminds me of my place. I am a woman, under my (future) husband and under God. It is very humbling.

The veil also provides me a way to express myself that men cannot and few women choose to do so. To me, the veil shows that women are very important, and they are not on display as to be a pleasure for just anyone to see. We are so beautiful and should be covered in order to protect this beauty and mystery that God has placed in us. This is a section from a informational sheet that came with my veil:
Now one reason for the use of veils is wrapped up in the mystery of a woman’s femininity which can bear children. At the moment of conception, when God creates a soul and it joins its body in the womb of its mother, God’s creative hands work within her, and since whatever God touches becomes scared, we veil it. And since a woman’s hair is her glory (1 Cor. 11:15), we veil what is her dignity.

After the initial feelings of potential public criticism, I have gained so much from wearing the veil. Putting it on before entering the presence of Jesus helps prepare me for the encounter. It also helps me focus more on him (sometimes quite literally by blocking my peripheral vision). I’ve also gotten a lot of good comments on it or people asking where I got it or something like that. One of my friends has even started wearing hers again because now she won’t be the only one.

By saying all of this I mean in no way to judge those who don’t wear one. I don’t think of them differently and I’m certainly not trying to get everyone to wear one. The veil is something that shouldn’t distract others but instead help them focus more on Mass. I would just like my fellow women to know how awesome it feels to receive Christ into a veiled sanctuary.

Peace and love!


  1. Has anyone ever said anything negative to you for wearing the veil?

    Wearing the veil is such an honor. Veils are used in the Mass as a sign of honor, reverence, and holiness. There is the chalice veil, which veils the vessel that holds the precious blood. There is the tabernacle veil, which veils the house that holds the Sacred Hosts. There is the humeral veil, with which the priest holds the monstrance during benediction. Veils are awesome!

  2. No one has actually said anything negative to me. My sister laughed the first time she saw it, but I think it was more surprise than a bad reaction (and she later helped me pick out a bag for it). I've recently gotten alot of compliments on it. Overall, it hasn't been hard at all to wear, in fact I get the impression people like to see it.

    I looked for the chalice veil tonight at Mass! That is really neat.