Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Being a woman

I went to a bible study today. We were talking about the dignity of womanhood. The question, what does it mean to be a woman, was asked, and silence followed. No one quite knew what to say. I suppose it could be answered in a lot of ways, but most answers, I suspect, involve doing something. Caring for children, going to work, “inspiring”. These all are alright, but I don’t think these make someone a woman.

By birth, I am female, and so I can say God wanted me to be a woman. I say to be a woman is to be who God made me. I shouldn’t have to worry about what is “feminine” (which is defined by someone else). I shouldn’t have to fulfill a role imposed on me (including going to work). I should strive for holiness, and to become the person God made me to be. By doing this, I will not only be a woman, but the woman God wants.

After the rise of feminism, and embracing the awesomeness of being a woman, many women are left wondering just what that means. I think it isn’t too complicated. Discern, like anything else, your vocation, and boldly live that out. Then you will BE a woman!



    Ruth, I am in the college of St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (Edith Stein) here at NST and she was amazing!! She wrote some really awesome things about womanhood. She was influential in the writings and teachings of JPII in TOB and Love and Resp. I highly, highly, highly recommend this:


    It is amazing, and I love her so much!!!

  2. That is really interesting. I esp liked her discription of the differences men and women have. Her example of the medical professions as being a great place for women made me think of you.