Monday, March 15, 2010

A visit to Mobile

I went to Mass at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Mobile. It was so beautiful. There was something about today, or Mass, or the church itself. Today I could almost see the Holy Spirit hovering in that church. Although I had been there before, I seemed to overlook the rich colors, and breathtaking stained glass, the towering and magnificent organ, and the awesome stations. There was something different, and although it wasn’t a Latin Mass, there was a real, noticeable, moving difference.

The schola choir, out of sight, but so present, in song and emotion and prayer, sang a pre-entrance song. Then, the incense led the way, preparing the path for the Word of God and the holy priest, who was clothed with rose (not pink!). The songs were perfect for today, and were sung even more so.

I love when they incense the alter, the pulpit, the congregation. The smoke rising and filling the space banishes all evil from even attempting to enter. This is a holy place. And there is just something about being incensed that just makes you be still and realize God is with us.

And the readings today! And the homily? It gushed with Truth. Have you ever listened to something and knew, without much analysis (although it could withstand, and be strengthened by it), deep within and honestly that this is Truth? That is what the homily was today. Pure truth. I love priests for many reasons, but one, no doubt, is for their homilies. He told the story of the human heart, and how it loves drama. How it finds it so hard to simply accept God’s love, but how that is what we need to do most. He spoke of the struggle to reach hope, truth, and love, and that it is a long and painful journey. He also put into words how that journey is so worth everything that it requires.

Afterwards we went into the crypt.

I love our Church.

On another note, I wanted to point out the "risen Jesus" that seems to hover in mid air above the alter. It is reminiscent of another church I had visited the last time I was in Mobile. Only this other statue was a crucifix. My friend, as we approached the church, warned me of the "superman Jesus", and it was disturbing. But this representation of Jesus made sense. If you look at the picture closer, there is a more traditional crucifix above the tabernacle. But as the eye moves upward, towards heaven, Jesus is resurrected, and has a glorified body. He also is no longer on the cross. Here it makes sense for him to be more like superman. Maybe the other churches in Mobile can take a few tips from the Cathedral.

Where heavenly music is made

The Wedding at Cana

The Annunciation

The conopeum

St. Patrick (very appropriate)

Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

Entrance to the crypt

The crypt

Past Bishops

I'm being silly

My mom at the cool staircase leading out/in


  1. Lovely photos, Ruth. I had no idea the cathedral was a basilica!

  2. Gorgeous Cathedral! Lovely post-your words make me feel as if I am there (or wish I was anyway!)