Wednesday, March 24, 2010

O how I love You, my God!

Today was the last official RCIA class. Next week is the rehearsal for the big day. I can’t believe it’s almost here. I don’t think this blog post could capture how much excitement and joy thinking about the Easter Vigil brings me. I am so blessed.

Not only have I been able to witness the process of RCIA, met some great people and heard some remarkable stories, but I will also be a more concrete part of it. My godchild, Brittany, will be baptized, enter into the Catholic Church and sealed with the Holy Spirit. Not only will I be present for this, but also take part in it. I will be touching her when the Holy Spirit enters her. Today we talked about this, and she mentioned how she thought she might cry. I told her that when I was confirmed, I cried. It is so overwhelming to contemplate what will actually go on that day, how could you not cry?

Today I thank God for using me. Never would I have dreamed this would happen. When I met Brittany over a year ago, I never thought we would be here now. About a year ago, Brittany, me, and a few of our friends were out for ice cream, and something happened. Since that night I’ve prayed for her. Never would I think this is where we would be led to. I am so thankful for the chance to guide her, to be a part of her life, and I pray that we can continue in our journeys together.

Next Saturday is the big day. Her entire family (fallen away Catholics, devout Catholics, anti-Catholic Baptists) will visit and witness the same things I will. May we also pray for them. In these final days of Lent, may we reach up to Jesus, take His hand and go with Him wherever He goes. Its no use in asking Him where, just go!

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  1. What a great moment to share with someone! I'm happy for you, Ruth, and I pray for Brittany.