Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our ever-growing Church and my new title

A week ago, I was asked to be a sponsor for a friend that has been attending RCIA with me this past year. I was honored and thrilled that she wanted to enter the Church! Although she couldn’t make it to the Rite of Election this past Saturday, I went, along with others from our parish, to Montgomery, where Archbishop Rodi celebrated it. It was unbelievable. There were very few other times in my life that I have felt so privileged to witness something this profound and significant. It kind of puts your life into perspective when you see what you are an integral part of. I’m so glad I went.

While there, I also learned something surprising. My friend, Brittany, hasn’t been baptized. This officially makes her a catechumen and part of the Elect. This also would make me her godmother. AHHH!!! I was a bit thrown off by that. But after meeting with her to go over what she missed, and discussing the godmother thing with our priest, it looks like I will, in fact, be her godmother. Please pray that I won’t be an utter failure for her sake!

In just the short amount of time in RCIA, and more specifically, with Brittany, I have gained more than I ever thought I would. Just knowing that she desires to become Catholic is a true joy. This week, I explained that she has been called by God and now she is responding to God. I explained what it meant to enter the Church and join in the Communion of Saints. I explained to her that the entire Church, past, present and future, was praying for her and all those on their journey towards the Easter sacraments. Our Church is deeply personal and is deeply communal. Our Church is truly amazing and beautiful.

Please pray for all those, baptized or not, that wish to enter into the life of the Church. How exciting!


  1. Ruth, you are the most fairy-like godmother I have ever met!!! What a joy it must be to have you as her godmother!

  2. What a beautiful opportunity and blessing, Ruth!

  3. nice post. thanks.