Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Power of the Cross

Some people make fun and see it as a weakness that Jesus, who claimed, and who many many people believe, to be God, was nailed to a cross and died. On the surface they seem right to think so. After all, isn’t God all-powerful and He wouldn’t possibly allow Himself to be humiliated like that? And surely, God couldn’t die. However, after thinking about it at all, it is easily recognized just how great this is. If God really became a man, and really allowed himself to go through all that, then there must be a reason. That reason is for us. Then the truth is easy to see. This was no small, weak event. This was huge. This act, which humbled God and exposed Him to all of us, His creation, proves that He is God and that He loves us, more than we will ever know. God is so powerful that He can be weak, so wise that He can seem foolish by doing something like this. No other god or religion has claimed anything like this. This God, my God, is not weak, but has proven His love, and thus has proven His self. What dignity God has placed is us that He would do that for us! That is the God that I love!

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  1. Amen. I only occasionally am graced with a glimpse into the depth of Jesus's sacrifice for us but when I am it is so very humbling and awesome.

    Thank you for sharing.