Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am so excited to be back in Auburn. I’ve almost forgotten why I love this place so much. No where else can I be who I am in Auburn. It was so good seeing some of my dear friends today and catching up on how similar our lives are. I think I realized what it takes to be good friends with me and to make me happy. As long as I can endlessly talk about God, Jesus, Mary, the saints, and the Church with you, we are all set! Really, if we talked of nothing else, I probably wouldn’t even notice. This summer above all else has shown me that I probably am a Catholic freak. But what can I say? It makes me happy. And to know so many Catholic people who are also borderline obsessed with it and love to talk about all things religious too, just makes me feel like I have a real home!

School starts in a week and there is an odd feeling in the air. It’s the sadness of a summer gone and goodbyes said. It’s the realization of classes starting soon. It’s a nervous excitement for a new semester. But it’s a feeling of everything working out right. I feel almost like I’m starting over this year. So much has happened last year and this summer that I almost feel like a completely new and wiser person. Maybe a person who can really take in Auburn for everything it has to offer. It’s exciting. I can’t wait to see what this semester brings and where it will take me.

Peace and love!

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