Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trip home

I’m at home for the weekend, and am really enjoying being here. I never know what to expect when I come home, but it has been a peaceful and upbeat visit. We took a family picture today. It’s so rare for all of us (all four siblings and Massi, my brother-in-law, and my parents actually) to be all together at once. Now that all the kids are either in college or about to move to Montana, we figured this may be the last chance for this in a while. My brother Peter looks so different, I hardly recognized him today! About six weeks ago he had jaw surgery to reposition his jaw and align his teeth. Since then, he has been on a liquid-only diet (or as much as my brother can do) and has lost about 15 pounds. Not only have I never seen him that skinny, but because they rotated his top jaw, and did something weird to his chin, his face is just slightly different. He says that I “keep staring at him”, and my mom cautioned me that I’m the only one he lets say things like that to him, but I can’t help it! The picture of him from my memory just doesn’t match up with what I see in front of me, but I am trying to adjust. Anyway, the pictures turned out really well, even if I do not know how to not stick out my neck!

Another shock (only I was anticipating this one) is all the “remodeling” around the house. The kitchen has been painted, the cabinets lightened, and a new countertop put in. My mom finally got a breakfast bar she‘s always wanted, where the counter comes out into the room, giving space to sit down and chat with whoever is in the kitchen. The pantry has also been painted and fixed up, and the bathroom downstairs is really different! All the bedrooms (including my old one) has been changed around. My mom has also been getting back into “collage-making”. The one for the bathroom is selected pictures from places we’ve been (such as Alaska, Rome, Oregon, and New Orleans). I really like looking at all the pictures.

And one last note: Did you notice a particular reading yesterday (Sept. 3rd)? 1 Corinthians 1-5 includes the verse I use for this blog. I love love love how the Catholic Church does things, and this is just another. We practically read the entire bible one Mass at a time! And how cool is it that it was also the Memorial of St. Gregory the Great! And a first Friday! Yes, I’ve had a great weekend! Oh, and Auburn just won it’s first game! WAR EAGLE!

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